What Are Sugar Gliders?

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What are sugar gliders? Some people are not familiar with these small marsupials which are included in the similar family as koala bear and kangaroo. Sugar gliders are originally from Australia and Indonesia rain forests and they have been successfully bred in the United States around 12–15 years ago. They become one of the most popular pets now. Do you want to know more? Check this out.

Why do people call them sugar gliders?

It is an easy question to answer. Sugar gliders’ favorite food is something sweet, such as fresh fruit and vegetables. Besides, they have a membrane which is similar as a flying squirrel. They like to glide from one place to another place and from one tree to another tree. That is why people call these animals as sugar gliders. They usually live in trees and make some colonies around 10–15 members. They are included in mammals’ class and their scientific name is Petaurus Breviceps.

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Are sugar gliders rodents?

As mentioned before, sugar gliders are in the similar family as koala bear and kangaroo. That is why sugar gliders are not rodents. Although their size and physical appearances are almost similar as rats, they really are different. Their life span is similar as dogs and cats which is around 12-15 years. Their intelligence is similar to dogs as well. It means that they are quite smart that you can even teach them several tricks. They can remember their name as well.

How big will the sugar gliders get?

Baby sugar gliders are usually called Joeys and they are really small. Their size is even similar to a grain of rice for the newborn. They always stay for a few weeks inside their mothers’ pouch. When they are fully grown, they can reach 5-7 inches length and 6 ounces weight. They really love attention. You need to pay full attention to keep them happy and healthy. While their size makes them cute, it is easier to keep paying attention to them.

What type of cage that sugar gliders need?

Although their size is small, these animals need a very large cage to keep them happy. They like to play and jump. That is why you need to give them extra-large cage that allows them to move and play as they please. They tend to be easily exposed to stress and health issue when they don’t feel belong to the cage. To prevent those problems, you better provide a cage that fits well in shape and design. Reaching their maturity, around 7-10 months old, your sugar gliders well require much bigger cage as well. Choose a size that should be comfortable for their activities including for jumping around and playing. Do not forget to put some toys and playthings inside.

In sum, these cute animals make perfect pet. They are small so even their biggest cage couldn’t be a problem. They are easily get tamed and they are cute to look at by being active all the time. They need a lot of attention but toys should keep them busy all the time. Knowing what are sugar gliders will let you know what it takes to take care of them. Do you still want one?

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