A Simple Guide On White Sugar Glider For Dummies

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Have you ever considered taking care of a white sugar glider as a pet? This is a cute animal that originally has the habitat from Australia. This animal is a social animal which needs full attention from the owner. Before having one, you should consider these aspects:

Illnesses and Symptoms

Every animal has their own common illness. These illnesses may lead to death if the owner is not careful enough in providing the food, the environment, and the attention. These are the common illnesses happened to a sugar glider:

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  1. Protozoan Infection

Protozoan infection that often attacks a sugar glider is giardiasis. Giardiasis causes abdominal sickness like bloating, cramping, and diarrhea. Diarrhea to a small animal is a dangerous illness, to take care of this the animal must be cured immediately or it will lead to sudden death. The symptoms are gliders’ body looks weak and loss of appetite.

  1. Stress

Make sure you give enough attention and calm environment for the white sugar glider. Don’t give it stressful environment with a lot of noises, and also you must always play with your glider or it will be stressed. The symptoms are your gliders keep running around the cage without stopping and fast breathing.

  1. Calcium Deficiency

This is the most common illness happened to sugar gliders and other squirrel-like animals. Why is it? It is because whether humans or animals need sunlight to strengthen the bones while sugar glider is a nocturnal animal, it sleeps during the day and active at night. Because of this, you must provide them with enough food with calcium and vitamin like vegetables and fruits to balance the sunlight. You also need to let it got sunlight sometimes. The symptom is paralyzed leg or weak leg.

  1. Pesticide-poisoned food

This could be happened if you buy vegetables and fruits not from reputable sellers. Vegetables and fruits that are sold in a traditional market are much healthier than if you buy them from a modern market. The symptom is constipation or diarrhea.

  1. Parasites

Parasites like fleas and ticks are the most common swarm parasites on mammals. They suck on their blood and cause itches. Small amount of them may cause itches, but a large amount will lead the mammal to death in days. The symptom is your glider will scratch all over its body. If it is in critical condition, your glider will make a sound to show that it is in pain.

How to Take Care

If you already have learned about the illnesses and the symptoms yet you still want to have one, then you must provide things important to keep them healthy. Make sure you bring healthy and pesticide-free food every day, buy or build a cage to keep them warm, put them in a calm and harmonious environment to reduce stress, and also keep giving them your attention because they need it. They will not tell you if they are sick. It is your job to find out.

Taking care an animal as a pet is a tough job, because you have to keep dealing with them every single day. But by having it near you will give you a happy feeling and joy. White sugar glider is a perfect pet for you who want to take care of a small animal as a pet.

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