Mosaic Sugar Glider: A Pretty Pet To Adopt

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There are several types of sugar gliders based on their colors, such as mosaic sugar gliders, standard grey, black beauty, leucistic, white face, white face blonde, creamino, platinum, white tip, melanistic, double recessive, and albino. Which color do you like most? Here we will discuss more about mosaic sugar glider which stands out more than other types of sugar gliders. Check this out.

Mosaic Sugar Glider Characteristics

The beautiful fur color is one of the plus points of mosaic sugar gliders. This type of sugar gliders has a various patterns on their fur which is random. There are several furs patterning which usually become the breeders’ favorite and they are trying to select some sugar gliders that they think perfect. Every breeder has their own favorite characteristics so that we cannot generalize the patterns that they like most. There is no evidence that we can obtain from the specific trait as well. On the other hand, we have seen that certain types of patterns tend to have the higher chance of breeding than other patterns.

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Usually, sugar gliders have white hands and black whiskers, but there are still some possibilities that they are different from each other. Dominantly, mosaic offspring has those characteristics on their body. If the offspring do not show the mosaic characteristics, they did not receive the gene from their parents and they are not able to produce the mosaic characteristics as well. Mosaic is considered rare that is why many people look for this type.

Variations of Mosaic Sugar Glider

Piebald Mosaic Sugar Glider

Piebald Mosaic has a spotting pattern on the large unpigmented fur which is usually white and the normal pigmented area is usually black. This patterning color that owning by sugar glider is asymmetrical and irregular. Some sugar gliders also exhibit coloration of the irises which matches surrounding. It might be blue eyes for brown skin. This situation is known as leucism.

Ring Tail Mosaic Sugar Glider

These sugar gliders have rings on the tail and it is possible if they have several tails which have several colors as well. The color of the ring may be white, grey, or black.

Silver Mosaic Sugar Glider

These kind of sugar gliders have a light silver fur. That is why people call them silver mosaic sugar glider. Although their color is silver, they have no platinum genetics inside their body.

White Mosaic Sugar Glider

These sugar gliders have white fur color with a bit dark fur or even they have no dark fur on their body. Usually, their dark spot is located on their ears. This type of sugar gliders is difficult to be identified at first because the colors usually appear around two weeks.

True Platinum Mosaic Sugar Glider

This type of sugar gliders have white collar and ring tail, but they are originally platinum gliders. Some people prefer this type of glider because the color is a bit rare than other type of sugar glider.

In sum, there are many sorts of this type. Which one is the best? It actually depends on personal preferences. Choose the mosaic sugar gliders you like the most to adopt.

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