A Brief Guide To Sugar Glider Food

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The variation of sugar glider food is the subject of hot debate. Mostly known as omnivorous animal, many novice owners randomly feed any human food to this small animal. Since sugar glider comes from wildlife to captivity, there should be balanced diet on the plate to keep it healthy. Too much food will make them sick.

Fruit and Vegetables

Deep in its natural habitat, sugar glider consumes a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is suggested that you also do the same. Canned fruit includes preservatives that gradually gnawing the internal organ. Pick the sweet fresh fruit from the store: orange, apples, banana, kiwi, melon, etc. Do not forget to grab some vegetables, too. Sugar glider’s favorite veggies are potato, carrot, corn, and lettuce. Before you give these staple foods to sugar glider, wash them thoroughly. Then, cut them into small pieces. The ideal portion for one sugar glider is half teaspoon of fruit and vegetable per day.

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This little friend is an active animal that loves to play. To provide the adequate amount of energy, you need to supply the protein fuel. Insect, earthworm, and fly pupa are just some examples of the sources you can take. If you are too busy to get the insect or dig earthworm from the backyard, you can give a tiny slice of meat as the substitute. When cooking the meat, do not add any sauce, spices or seasoning. Serve it plain. One teaspoon of protein per day is great for your small pet. Too much protein will build bad odor.


Consuming the regular menu everyday could make your sugar glider tired. Sometimes, they could also be a picky eater. If these cases happen, your pet may experience vitamin deficiency. To prevent this, supply the body with vitamins from food supplement. It contains minerals and more compounds for a healthy built. Do not forget the calcium supplement, too. It will help in reducing the damage on the teeth and bones. These vitamins are usually given to the sugar glider while serving the insect or meat menu. It is simple: sprinkle them on the protein source. Your tiny pet will not refuse it and keep eating happily.


This is a way to give variation of food to the sugar glider. A lot of products are offered on the store and online market. Most of them come in stick and small pebbles shape. You can grab your favourite treat from the catalogue or you can give them the natural treat. Nuts are sugar glider’s favourite. You can serve raw nut without any salt or seasoning. Giving treats should not be done too often. Otherwise, they will get obesity issue and slowly develop health problems. Put yourself in sugar glides shoes. Since it is relatively small animal, a pebble of treat is already more than enough. Restrain your thought of giving two or three pebbles a day.

Raising a sugar glider at home requires certain understanding of how it usually lives its life in the wild. Make sure to make everything just in small bite size, no additives, and no preservation. If you could follow these rules, then you can give the healthy sugar glider food to prevent any sickness.

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